Why What's app limits our videos while sending?

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    Generally while sending any lengthy videos and small size photos to our status or to our contacts in what’s app it doesn’t allow all the video to be sent if it is lengthy. Let us consider any one want to send a movie in what’s app weren’t able to send it. It will be better if the what’s app is update to send lengthy videos or movies on what’s app.



    Are you irritated of the WhatsApp maximum file size sharing limit of 16 MB? If so then this text will let you know about how to send large files on WhatsApp upto 1 GB and you don’t have to bother about 16 MB maximum file size limit.

    To share a large file in WhatsApp an App by the name of WhatsTools is launched which allows user to send huge files which can be video, audio, PDF and many more. To use this App you should be on Android version 4.1 or higher.



    It usually becomes annoying when you have to send a video file which is larger than 16gb on WhatsApp Messenger because WhatsApp has a limit of just 16gb for videos, Audio and images as well.
    To transfer or share these files you can upload your files to any cloud service you prefer to and copy the download link. One well-know service is Dropbox which can be downloaded to Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and more.
    Well you can still follow these simple steps and maybe be able to send videos larger than 16GB, So follow these simple steps and it may help you :
    1. If you haven’t install Dropbox, download Dropbox for your Android/iPhone
    2. From your smartphone, tap the drop-down arrow on the Dropbox app, and then select Share. A list will appear with Copy link at the very top and a list of other mobile apps you can use to share the link with.
    3. Open your WhatsApp on your smartphone, find the people you want to share the large file with from your contacts. Set up a conversation and paste the link you just get from Dropbox.
    4. When the link is opened, the person you shared it with will be able to download the file to their own computer or mobile phone.

    Besides sharing large video, audio files on WhatsApp, you can also broadcast a WhatsApp message to other contacts, backup your WhatsApp chat history, etc

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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