Which processor is best for mobile gaming?

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    Ishita Chatterjee

    It’s difficult to figure out what processors would be necessary for PC gaming and especially ones which can support various new games. While there is the AMD vs Intel war over on the PC side, on the mobile side of business, what processors work best for mobile gaming? Which means which one can support the best graphics without any lag in gameplay- offline or online?

    This is specifically for Android phones since I know that in case of Apple phones, they use their own A series processors and Windows uses the Snapdragon series uniformly for its phones. So for those phones, the newest and the costliest is the best.


    Ankita Singh

    As we all have smart and powerful mobile phones with us, we all use our smart phones for various purposes like listening music surfing the internet watching movies and many more such purposes. However for fulfilling all these basic requirements of us, any smart phone will be enough and will serve all of our requirements, but when it comes to playing games on our mobile phone, then we always want the best smart phone, because only the powerful mobile will be good enough to fulfill our gaming needs. Therefore, as you have asked which processor is the best for mobile gaming,the Answer to your Question is Qualcomm snapdragon, especially the 800 series. Most of the android apps and games run well on snapdragon. Snapdragon along with its adreno GPU has the best compatibility. They also have better GPU combination compared to others like mediatek,exynos,kirin etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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