Which is best apple model till date?

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    If we talk about the model, the processor, the storage, the camera quality etc, how do you differentiate between the apple Iphones and their models.
    If i suppose want to buy one, how would i know which to buy because all of the apple Iphone models till date were quite exclusive and unique in their own way. So if we have to compare, which model of an Iphone was the best till date?
    Compare it with every feature that a phone should have then move on to the storage and the camera quality and all because i am sure, every new model has a new feature which is obviously better than the previous one and that is how it gets really confusing to choose one.
    So please help me choose after comparing every feature and quality of the models.
    Its Apple, but i am sure there would be a better model always and not every sticks to the latest one..

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