What new features are there in Android Oreo?

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    Ishita Chatterjee

    In this barrage of new tech news, there was an recent announcement by Google, that it would be bringing out it’s new Android update- Android Oreo or as it’s officially known: Android 8.0

    After Nougat, this is the latest to come out of Google and apparently it has ‘Picture in Picture’ and ‘Autofill’ features which can help in transitioning between tasks seamlessly. But what do these two terms mean?

    Additionally, it was announced that it came with better security features and better overall speed. Does anyone know about the specific type of security and speed update it has got?


    Ankita Singh

    As we all know google has launched a new update for android…android Oreo.
    As we all are expecting from google that it must have give some unique features to its latest version of android, so here is the list of some unique features of android Oreo…
    1: Background limits
    2: Picture in picture
    3: Notification channels and dots.
    4: Autofill APIs
    5: Adaptive icons
    6: Better keyboard navigation
    7: Wide colour gamut in imaging apps
    8: Better audio
    9: Camera app improvements

    And many more such features are given to android Oreo.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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