What is the role of blue ticks on Whatsapp Messenger?

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    What exactly happens when you enable the blue ticks on Whatsapp Messenger , and what if i would not want the other person to know that i have seen hi/her message ?
    How to disable the blue tick on Whatsapp, because i personally would not like to see blue ticks on someone’s chat because then it builds an eagerness inside me to see them reply to my message or else that would look rude to me or it would seem to me that the other person is disinterested .
    So, Please do tell me as to how to remove the blue ticks on whatsapp, so that the other person does not get to know that i had already seen it message and it does not seem rude to him/her in any way.
    Any tricks or guidelines or steps to follow for removing the blue ticks, please share and i will be grateful to you all.


    Ankita Singh

    WhatsApp makes use of a delivery and read receipt gadget. Whenever you send a message you will see some of tick marks subsequent to your message. A single gray tick approach that the message turned into effectively sent with the aid of the WhatsApp servers. Two grey ticks suggest that the message has successfully delivered to the recipient’s tool. Finally, two blue tick marks mean that the recipient has actually read your message. In group chat,you may see two grey ticks when your message has been delivered to absolutely everyone in the group.Similarly, every person inside the group will need to have read it in order to see two blue ticks.



    What exactly blue ticks in what’s app messenger is if you sent any message to any one if they have seen that message then we will get blue tickmarks on besides the message that we had sent.



    In reality, Whats-App utilizes a conveyance and read receipt framework.

    At whatever point you communicate something specific you’ll see various tick checks by your message.

    In individual Messages:

    A solitary dark tick implies that the message was effectively sent by the WhatsApp servers. Two dark ticks imply that the message was effectively conveyed to the beneficiary’s gadget.

    At long last, two blue tick marks imply that the beneficiary has really perused your message.

    Coming to groups:

    You will just observe two dim ticks when your message has been conveyed to everybody in the gathering.

    You will see the two blue ticks just when every one of the individuals from the gathering have perused the message sent by you.

    On the off chance that you lack blue ticks after at some point, you can check the message information where you can discover the rundown who has gotten or conveyed your message.

    On the off chance that your message stays on a solitary dim tick, it could be for any number of reasons. The beneficiary may have their telephone killed or they have no web get to. They may have likewise observed the notice yet not really opened the application. On the other hand, you may have been obstructed by the beneficiary.

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