What is the difference between imo,what's app,&messenger?

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    The three imo,what’s app and messenger are used to chat ,voice calls and video call can be done on these three apps .But what is the use of maintaining the three apps . Among these three imo has consume 16.56MB storage and messenger has consume 134MB storage from our device and what’s app has consumes 58.19MB from device storage.so, then why should we all these three apps?



    All these three apps are same but these three apps had some different features like in imo and messenger we can send stickers in in the place of Emojis.we can send status in what’s app and messenger but we can’t send in imo.And one of the important notice is we can make video calls in group’s in imo and messenger but we can’t make group video calls in what’s app.But all of these the mostly used app is what’s app.I think these are some of the differences



    Great question! There are a number of key features, so let’s start off by listing them:

    UI – purely on design, FBM wins out since it has a nice design, good color scheme and just looks a lot smoother. WA by contrast is a lot more simple design-wise.

    Group Chats – FBM puts group chats (those with 3 or more participants) in a seperate tab at the bottom, whereas WA puts all chats in the same ‘Chats’ tab and doesn’t distinguish between simple and group chats.

    Current Features – they both share common functions: simple text, photo sharing, video sharing, voice messages, etc. However FBM also features location settings (tell your friends where you are), a huge and growing library of GIFs to send, and connections to third-party apps than can let you do things such as edit photos in app, create short videos or even animations.

    Future Features – FBM is adding a couple of exciting features that are currently being rolled out in selected markets for testing: call an Uber directly from Messenger using your location and relay that info to your friends (so they know what time you will arrive), and Photo Magic, which detects your friends’ faces on photos on your phone and suggests you send it to them through FBM.

    Charging – While WA currently does not charge, it has attempted to charge on several occasions in the past: once by charging for the app itself, and another time by charging a subscription after a free first year of usage. No one is aware of any plans to charge again in the future (I find it unlikely), but given the history, it can;t be discounted. Facebook, by contrast, has an ‘always free’ policy for its main site which most people assume also extends to the Messenger platform.

    On this assessment alone, it would seem that Messenger is the better app. However, it really depends what you want. WhatsApp is great if you want a simple messaging app, that doesn’t require friends and contacts to be ‘added’ and ‘deleted’ as necessary. Facebook Messenger is the better choice if you prefer to send a lot of cool content and want to integrate your chatting to other areas of your life.

    The key difference lies in what Facebook (which owns both apps) is trying to achieve. They appear to be pushing Messenger in the direction of becoming a ‘platform app’, similar to China’s WeChat and Japan’s LINE Messenger, where you can do most all things from straight inside your messenger. On the other hand, they seem quite happy to keep WhatsApp simple and not expand its functionality – a tactic that has been very successful in new markets, like Sub-Saharan Africa, where mobile data access remains slow and limited.

    For WhatsApp you need to have a phone and a SIM. Once you register yourself you can change you SIM still whatsapp works with your old number.

    For Facebook Messenger you need to have a valid facebook account. Once you register with a account, if you change your account, you need to again inform all your contacts about the change.

    In whatsapp you can only send photos, videos, voice, PDFs are not supported, but facebook messenger allows even PDFs.

    Facebook messenger is free while Whatsapp is not free across the globe, for India its free! Every time you reach the last week of free-subscription it gets extended for 1 year.
    Hope that helps.

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