Is it important to keep the applications on your phone updated?

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    I keep getting weekly updates for the applications on my phone and i keep avoiding it because i am afraid if the update might slow down the processor of my phone or if in future my phone starts to hang.
    The update on the applications might take up my phone storage and turn out to be totally useless as well , so that’s why i totally avoid it at times.
    But what exactly does the update do, does it really fixes the bugs, builds up new features, or does it make your phone slow?
    Because whenever i had tried to update the applications, my phone became super slow and it started to hang after a while. So, what exactly is the use of updating, if you can simply not mess up your phone with the new updates?
    Please tell me if it is necessary to update your applications time to time without ruining the storage as well as the processor in whole?


    Ishita Chatterjee

    Updating applications is important cause they introduce new and important features as well as beef up security of the application.

    It’s true that updating apps consumes a lot of space in the internal memory and sometimes it also makes the phone susceptible to crashes. In such a situation one should prioritize their cellphone and opt for not updating.

    But there are some methods which one can try to improve the functioning of the phone and enable it to securely update apps, like cleaning the cache of the phone memory and if possible doing a thorough cleansing of the internal and external memory of the phone after backing up the data. The functioning of the phone should improve a lot after this.

    Another thing which can be done is being cautious of the platform from which one is downloading the application. Use only trusted sites like Google Play cause there are various virus ridden sites which can transfer a virus into your cell with just a single click.


    Ankita Singh

    Well,answer to your question is yes.It is important to keep the applications of your mobile updated to keep up with the technology.
    Just like your laptop or computer, occasionally your cellphone needs to be up to date. But don’t fear, it’s not something you need to do each week. Updates in your cellphone can be really useful and could enhance the manner it appears,and even makes your cell phones perform higher.

    Technology is enhancing swiftly but then, so is our need for ‘smarter’ mobiles. There changed into a time while phones couldn’t connect to the Internet, now we need and want them in our lives. So to satisfy our expectancies, developers are running 24/7 behind the curtain to give us new updates and preserve our cellphones as present day and sensible as viable.

    Hope this suggestion will help you.



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