IPhone X : Feature Copied from Existing Phones ?

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    With the launch of the much awaited Apple’s IPhone X(pronounced ten) along with IPhone 8 and 8+. IPhone X is introduced to celebrate 10 years of IPhone series the most successful lineup of Apple . Along with the phone Apple Park and Steve Jobs Theater was unveiled , the Apple Park is a huge setting with 175 acres and the total cost of this architectural amazement is a whopping 5 Billion dollar moreover it has every amenity that can be imagined . Speaking of the most prominent smartphone right now IPhone X , it has an edge-to-edge display encased in a beautiful all glass back and metal sides , it is also certified as IP67 which means it is both dust and water resistant . Coming to more highlighting features of the Phone are

    Wireless charging – Finally Apple has included the wireless charging feature which was begged for like past couple of years , well wireless charging was first introduced in 2009 so see it’s not new . Also it is “Qi” charging which means apple is not using any proprietary hardware ,the wireless charging dock for android will also work with IPhone X , 8 and 8+ .

    FaceID- Apple ditched the TouchID for Face ID . Implementing an array of sensors for the correct identification of your face ,this feature is not new too and android 4.0 had been rolled out with this feature but still even android accepted that it was not good enough and can be fooled by a photograph of yours . Apple might have perfected the feature but still there are some issues as it was seen in their keynote.

    NO! Home button – Apple ditched the trusty home button or the home key this time for IPhone X , So you ask how will you navigate now don’t worry Apple has introduced gesture controls like swiping up and down .

    AR[Augmented Reality] –
    Introducing AR in 2017 isn’t that much happening .but still apple tried to scale it as high as it can .Google last year introduced it’s project Tango which dealt with AR and microsoft has it’s HOLO lens so apple including AR now isn’t that much of a thing. As ASUS has already launched their phone with AR capabilities .

    Other than the above mentioned features there isn’t much new things to talk about other than the new A11 Bionic chip which is 30% powerful in gpu than it’s predecessor .

    Is Innovation at apple came to a halt as Apple seems to do it just better than the competition other than that all features are just polished up like the camera got an upgrade which is anyways expected with newer phones .
    So is apple justifying its name as their tagline is “Think Different” and also IPhone X will the most expensive IPhone ever produced and most of the features are already present in the market ?

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