How to keep laptop's battery in good health ?

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    You’ve likely heard a few people say you should deplete your battery totally before charging it, or that you should keep it in the vicinity of 40% and 80% all an opportunity to influence it to last more. The greater part of these standards are obsolete, applying to more established nickel-based batteries. Fortunately, most or the majority of your devices nowadays keep running on Lithium Ion batteries, which are anything but difficult to take mind of. But the gist is: they last longer when you perform shallow discharges, keep them cool, and don’t leave them plugged in while they’re running at 100%. Honestly, though, batteries have a finite life no matter what..WHY?


    Ankita Singh

    We all use laptops for our day to day purposes. Laptops are very convenient to use and carry from one place to the other. Laptops also have battery same as our mobiles, the more we use the laptops on battery the more life of the battery is affected. So for increasing the life of the battery you can follow these 10 steps stated below…
    1: Kill those tabs,or try a different browser.
    2: Use hibernate,not just sleep,whenever possible.
    3: Kill power hungry hardware, like Bluetooth etc.
    4: Kill power hungry apps and processes.
    5: Avoid full discharges.
    6: Keep it cool.
    7: Keep the brightness down when you are on the go.
    8: Grab a battery monitor for deeper insights on charges,cycles and remaining life.
    9: Use your laptop manufacturer’s battery maintaince tools.
    10: Tweak your built in power saving options.
    Thus by following all these steps you can increase the life of the battery

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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