How to Download a movie on your phone?

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    Is it possible to download a 2-3 hour movie on your phone because i am sure that it will somehow take up all your storage from your phone and i don’t want to lose all my storage on movies because it will not let me click or take videos on my phone in future.
    So, if there is a way to download a long movie on your phone to watch it on your phone itself without taking up all the storage of your phone, then please help me out and guide me in a certain so that it can help me in the near future.
    Also, i want to download few tv series episodes and few movies which i am afraid is not possible to download in a phone with certain amount of storage.
    So, if there is a trick where i do not have to all the time open my laptop and go to an online site and watch movies, so please help me out.
    Thank you.


    Ishita Chatterjee

    Movies do take up a huge storage space which feels especially heavy on phones. But there are some ways to evade this trap:

    1. There are some pretty reliable sites like fmovies, fztvseries and even YouTube where movies or tvshows are offered in different resolutions. So if you are short on storage then just go for the 480p; which basically means that lesser the resolution, lesser the space it takes up to download. Apart from downloading, fmovies also allows online streaming of their shows and movies which enables the user to evade the whole problem of downloading and the file taking up space.

    2. If you are suffering from storage space shortage on your mobile but not from data pack shortage, then I would suggest uploading the movies or tvshows you have downloaded on your Google Drive or other uploading sites which generally offer huge storage capacities of atleast 50gb. You can even create multiple accounts on various uploading apps to have a huge space. Thus, this way the file won’t take up space and when you want to watch it you can just download it. As a bonus, you can binge and download files of higher resolutions as well since storage won’t be a problem in this case.

    Hope this helped!



    We can download the movie on our phone by using two .one is by using any app in our mobile or by Google chrome. To download a movie or anything the best app I will suggest is vidmate. to download via google chrome or by YouTube we have YouTube downloader.


    Ankita Singh

    We all love to watch our favorite movies. Movies entertain us and we enjoy watching movies. Some of us watch movies on our television sets, some of us goes to multiplexes and some of us download it on our PCs or laptops. But what if I say you can also dowoad movies in your smart phones. Yes you can, and for doing this all you need to is to follow some simple steps…
    Step: 1
    Make sure your device is connected to WiFi or your mobile network

    Step: 2
    Open the google play movies app.

    Step: 3
    Tap the side menu icon and then library.

    Step: 4
    Next to the movies you’d like to download touch the download icon.

    Other than this there are also some websites which enable you to download movies in a different formats.
    List of such websites is as follows…

    2: MovieWatcher.KO


    4: Gomovies.CX



    So you can also download your fav movies from any of these websites.

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