Best smartwatches under RS 10,000?

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    Ishita Chatterjee

    At the recent Mobile World Congress Americas, a lot of new tech was unveiled by notable companies.

    One among them was MyKronoz. Which displayed ‘ZeTime’, which is the first hybrid smartwatch of the world with both a color touchscreen and mechanical hands. It is a classic mix of a traditional timepiece with the power of a modern smartwatch. Through it one can view incoming calls; check on weather forecasts; take a picture; play music; monitor heart rate; calculate steps taken, distance, calories, active minutes and sleep. It will also keep a track of the time spent not being active and encourage the users to be more so. The device is currently prices at $200 and can work upto a month on a single charge.

    While these features are mouth watering but this tech is costly and is not being mass produced at the moment and even if it was, it would take a lot of time for it to launch to India. So, are there are similar products which come close to the above features in the Indian market and that too under a price tag of RS 10,000?



    I think zetime is costlier watch


    Ankita Singh

    We all know about smart watches as they are getting popular day by day. Many of us own smart watch. These are very user-friendly and equipped with all the possible required features. But the only drawback of smart watch is its price. These watches are costly. Although there are some good smart watches available under rs 10000.
    Here comes the list..
    1: Intex Irish
    2: Alcatel one touch watch
    3: Bingo C6
    4: Asus Zen watch 2
    5: Intex IRist pro
    6: Pebble time
    7: Pebble classic
    8: Samsung gear fit
    9: Sony smartband talk
    10: Sony smart watch 2

    Thus these are the best smart watches available under rs 10000.

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