Best app to clean your phone?

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    Ishita Chatterjee

    It’s a well known fact that with age, phones come to lag in speed and processor performance but with a bit of extra care one can extend one’s phone life to last a bit more.

    There are a lot of android apps available online which promise to clean up the phone’s storage, keep other apps from needlessly clogging up the memory (especially the internal memory of the phone), provide protection from online virus and pop ups, regulate data consumed and prevent the automatic downloading of unnecessary apps.

    But very few actually deliver on the above promises and instead clog up memory with their huge sizes. Thus, are there any android apps which you can recommend me to install so that it functions smoothly and without clogging up the storage space?



    Fast cleaner is best I think better


    Ankita Singh

    We all use android devices. In fact android is the most famous and used platform for mobile phones. Many of us will not be knowing that an android device like a computer or laptop has many different hidden processes that is always running in the background and Cleaning apps takes Care of these hidden background processes and kill the memory space.So here i am providing you top 10 cleaning apps for your mobile.
    1)Root cleaner
    2)Cpu tuner
    3)device control
    5)SD maid
    6)App cache cleaner
    7)1tap cleanee
    8)clean master
    9)wondershare mobile go storage cleanee
    10)DU speed booster.
    Hope it will help you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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